Friday, September 18, 2009

It's that time again! Freebie Friday

This Friday I found this awesome PopATot activity center that is being given away at Lollipops and Polka dots After a summer of camping with a little one I think this just might be the best invention EVER!!! I love that 1) it's portable...duh 2) that there is a covering on the bottom so that their feet don't get fifthly 3) that you can attach the toys to it so that they can't keep throwing them in the dirt and 4) that you can get an attachable umbrella to go with it. Seriously the wonderful people who created this thought of everything! So if you would like to be entered in to win a popatot then go Here and fill out your entry information. You can also go to the PopATot website to find out more about their product!

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