Monday, September 21, 2009

My Favs Monday....the Spotted Box

As part of my marketing I have contributed to several different sample boxes and I have found that, although there are a lot of good ones, my favorite sample box is The Spotted Box. For those of you who don't know what a sample box is all about I'll give you a quick run through. For a buyer you can purchase a sample box which, for most sample box companies, go one sale once a month and are priced around 15-20.00 which includes the shipping. What you will receive in the sample box is different every's almost like a grab bag. I love it because it's like opening a present every month. I never know what's in it but I know that I will like it! What you are sure to get is around 25 different samples from an array of artisans. Every sample box has a little bit different focus and you can look at their websites and see who the artisans are that will be contributing each month. Some companies focus on earth friendly artisans, some are focused on products that pamper you, some focus on kid friendly items and so on. Each sample in your box is a usable sample and most artisans also provide a coupon code in addition to their sample that you can use if you decide to order something from their site. As I stated earlier, there are many different companies that do sample boxes but my favorite is The Spotted Box. They are more geared towards moms and kids which is perfect for me....and I'm sure many of you. Every month I find that the box has a wide variety of samples from very talented people. I don't end up getting the same sample month after month from the same person. There are so many talented artist who contribute to this box that I always find the coolest things! This last month was their anniversary box and with my small samples I also got some Full Size items. It was a real treat and once again I was in awe of how talented some people are. I think my favorite part about their box is that there really is a wide variety of products. I get scrapbooking stuff, hair bows, jewelry, lotion samples, soaps and scrubs, candle tarts, chapstick samples (which are my FAVORITE), burp rags, yarn, vinyl decals, felt creations, lots and lots of different stuff. I have gotten boxes from other site and ended up getting a lot of the same 6 different soap samples, 3 different lotions, 2 chapsticks,5 candle tarts - which is all great stuff but I like the variety of the spotted box better, that way not only do I get stuff to pamper my with but I also get stuff for my kids and get to find people who make cool stuff for children. Anyway, I'm going to wrap up my soap box but just saying that if you haven't tried a sample box before then give it a whirl. I think they are lots of fun!

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