How do I remove my wall decal? When I remove it will it damage my walls?
To remove your wall decal all you need to do it choose a corner of your decal to start at and then pull the decal off like you would a sticker. When you remove the decals they will not leave any residue or leave any damage to your wall.

* If you are applying the decal to a newly painted wall please be sure to let the paint cure completely before you applying your decal.

Are your decals easy to install?

YES! With each decal step by step instructions are included along with a practice decal. *Application video coming soon!

My walls have a slight texture to them, will the decals still stick?

Yes, vinyl decals will stick to any totally smooth or lightly textured surface. Unsure if they will work in your house? Feel free to contact us and request a free practice sample! We've also had clients email us photos of their wall texture and we can be a pretty good judge if it will work.

Can I order a decal in a different color?

Yes, all of our decals are made to order.  You can choose from any of our stock colors.  Would you like to see how a certain decal will look in a different color?  Contact Us and we can send you a custom preview!

I love the decal but would like it in a different size, is this possible?

Yes!  Since our decals are made to order we can make then in almost any size you need!

Do you do custom work?

We LOVE custom work.  From something simple, like adding a child's name, to a complete bedroom set that matches the adorable bedding you bought, we are happy to work with you to make a custom vinyl that's perfect for you and your space.