Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today for Thankful Thursday I thought I would express my thanks for the up coming holiday season. Now I know that to most people this may seem a little early but for anyone who owns a business now is the time! Right now is when all the work is getting done so that once the holidays start rolling things can go smoothly. I think the holidays are so much fun and Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I keep wanting to pull out all my fall decor but when we are still in the 90's everyday I find it hard to break it out just yet. I am thankful for the fun sights, smells, activities and amazing ideas that go hand in hand with the holidays. It is like the word 'holiday' itself just seems to get peoples creative juices flowing! I am thankful for the charity that seems to abound more freely during these short month. I am also thankful for the opportunity I have to see family and reconnect. I hope that it's not too early for you to be thankful for the adventures and memories that are soon to come!

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