Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday - Gummy Candy

So a while back I saw this tutorial on Not So Idle Hands on how to make gummy candies and thought I would give it a whirl. After making a special trip to the store to buy gelatin and once getting home realized that I had gotten pectin grrrrrr....I waited until my next outing to pick up some actual gelatin and then got started.

Note* I saw that she said her recipe make like a lb of gummy candy so I cut the recipe in 1/2

Get your items together

1 glass measuring cup
3 packs of GELATIN
1 small pack of jello
1/3 cup and a splash of water
candy molds
small/med. size pot

measure 1/3 cup of water into your measuring cup, pour in all the gelatin and jello and mix well. *note it works better to pour all the jello in first and then start mixing in the gelatin.

Cover and let sit for 10 min. While waiting start to boil water in a pot. About 1/3 of a pot of water.

Place jello mix and measuring cup into the pot in the boiling water. (this is going to act like a make shift double boiler) This will warm and melt your jello mix but NOT cook it.

Let it warm until the jello mix is in a liquid state. You don't want to cook the mix, just let it get runny enough so that you can pour it into the molds.

Take it out of the water and pour it into the molds. You don't need to spray the molds or prep them in any way, just pour the mix right onto the plastic. *note If you notice the jello mix getting thick you can place it back into the boiling water for a few minutes to soften it up again.

Wait about 10 min to let the candy solidify and........TA DA! You have gummy candy!! After I was done I thought that maybe I would try rolling my next batch in fine sugar....just so they aren't so sticky. Then they would be a little sugary like peach rings YUM!

It is fun to try this with different flavors, this was black cherry and I really thought they were kinda nasty LOL...but then we did peach and they were amazing. It's also fun to play with the water amount. The less water you use the less gummy the are (they are still gummy but more like a peach ring gummy than a rubbery gummy), the more water the more gummy...and I mean like I think you could chew it for a few minutes and not even begin the digestion process-gummy.LOL

Oh, and I forgot to mention about the molds. You can get them at any craft/candy store. I got mine at Wally World but I have seen them at Joanns and Michaels (not at craft warehouse)

Well I hope you enjoy this. They were fun to make and super quick. The kids LOVED them, and I mean LOVED them. The picture on the plate is everything I made with my "1/2 batch" and that night we took them over to friends when we went for dinner. The kids wanted the gummies over cookies and ice cream! They ended up gobbling the whole plate!

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