Friday, September 4, 2009

Freebie Friday Flirty Aaprons

One of my new favorite things are fun aprons! As of yet I don't have one but I have been wanting one for a long time. I love to cook and totally destroyed my old apron when I wore it while crafting and got epoxy all over it. What can I say, I have mad skills LOL. I guess the biggest reason I haven't gotten one yet is because I was debating between buying one or making one. With this fabulous giveaway I found this morning, offering fun flirty aprons, I don't have to do either! Sarah over at Sarah browns favorite things is hosting a giveaway for Flirty Aprons! Check out some of the cute aprons they offer!

They also offer aprons for little girls so you can have matching or coordinating aprons. How cute is that?! It makes me wish my little one was old enough to use one.

All you need to do is jump over to Sarah's Blog and leave a comment! There are also other ways to add extra entries, check'em all out!


lauralquinton said...

LOVE this site. It maybe my new favorite!!!! Love the aprons, the only thing is that this contest ended today. I hope I got in on time!!

Stacy Wilson said...

That's why I'm thinking I need to change it to Monday. We'll see. I couldn't even find when it ended.