Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Themes

As promised I am letting you know what themes I have decide to use on what days...right now we are debating on switching the Monday and Friday but that will depend on the giveaways.

My Fav's Monday
Tutorial Tuesday
What's new Wednesday
Thankful Thursday
Freebie Friday

Some of these are pretty self explanatory but I will give you a run through anyway.
Mondays are going to be a mix of my favorites, sometime it will be favorite items sometimes favorite bloggers, or funny posts, sometimes it might even be a favorite recipe. Tuesdays are going to be tutorials. Now I am going to try to actually try the tutorial before I post it so I can say how good the instructions are and hopefully have pictures to post with it. I have just been finding so many amazing tutorials lately that I thought it would be great to share. Wednesday is where I will post any and all pictures of new designs I have come up with in the last week (from the Wednesday before) for my vinyl. This is fun because for the week that they are new I will offer free shipping on the items posted for the week that they are "new". Thankful Thursdays will again be just that I will say things I'm thankful for may it be the inspiration for a design, my kids being good so that I could get a million things done, a wonderful tool that makes my job easier...whatever it may be that I am most thankful for that week. Last but not least Friday will be Freebie Friday. Now most of the time I will blog about giveaways being done on other sites, sometimes I will do my own giveaway but there are so many wonderful things being given away for free everyday that it would be sad to only have vinyl giveaways.

Well I hope that all makes sense and that your as excited as I am. Wish me luck and stay tuned, we starting tomorrow!

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