Thursday, October 8, 2009


For my tutorial this week I made some appliqued onesies yay! I have been wanting to do this for a long time. It was fun! yet also made me realize how rusty my sewing is. YIKES! I was given a sewing machine a while ago from my Grandma Anderson and had an old one from my Grandma Martinez that I usually used but since both have been put away for some time I decided to pull out the newer one and give it a whirl. I ended up not being a quick thing. I some how lost or was never given the all purpose or zigzag presser foot that came with the sewing machine and after ripping my whole room apart looking for it I finally had to wait until Wednesday to run and try and find a new one. But after that annoying delay I was able to whip them up pretty quick. The tutorial that taught me how to make the appliques is over at The Idea Room but I also found some cute patterns and great tips over at Crap I've Made. The only thing I can add to any of this is that I used a diapering ink sewing marker and drew an outline around the designs so that I could hope to keep the sewing a little more even. It worked out great and for any of the ink that did "spontaneously disappear" (exact words from the marker, I don't know why but that really made me laugh when I read it - spontaneously, really? pahaha) I took a wet washcloth to it and the rest of the ink disappeared with the water. I made these 3 onesies for a neighbor's 1st birthday and plan to make a lot more in the future. I really had a lot of fun with these and if you haven't made one yet try it out! If I can do it you CAN do it. Remember, something else fun to do is to check out my etsy site!

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