Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday

This is my first tutorial and I'm kind of excited! I just love fabric buttons. I have been eying some on etsy for quite some time now debating which ones I wanted to get. Then a friend of mine told me that I could make them myself so I though...SWEET! I'll give it a whirl. I tried it a week or so ago and it's true, you can make them yourself and it's SUPER easy!

Supplies: Scrap fabric. Pieces as small as a 2" square will work depending on what size button you are making
Fabric Button Kit: If you have already made them before you don't need the kit, you can just get the buttons themselves.
E600 Glue: Hot glue will work but "everyone" says this glue is the way to go!
Substrate: Whatever substrate you want to put the button on!

Alright so lets so a run down of what you need and where you can get it.

1) Scrap fabric. Easy enough....if you are a sewer or do lots of crafts. Not you? That's okay too. There are lots of places that sell "scrap" fabric for super cheap. I don't have a ton of fabric hanging around and the stuff I do have isn't that cute so I just bought a "scrap pack" of fabric for like 5.00 off of etsy. Here are some places you can get scrap fabric packs.

2) Fabric Button Kit. You can find these at any craft or fabric store. The ones I got were from Joanns and looked like this. Some of them come in a kit with a plastic white and blue "thing" and some just come as buttons. If you don't have the white and blue "thing" you need it, so buy at least one pack that has it then after that you can buy them without. *note: make sure the other buttons you buy are the same size. You will need a white and blue "thing" for every size button you want to make.

3) Glue. The E600 is said to be the best. One of the many great things about it is that the glue won't stick to your hands, so if you get it on you because you are working with small objects you won't have to live with it for the next week - or rip your skin off. You can get it at any craft store and it usually looks something like this.

4) Substrate. Pretty self explanitory. Once you make these super cute buttons you will want to use them. The things you can do with them are ENDLESS. Below are several pictures of what you can, but are not limited to doing with them. Hair ties, bobby pins, bookmarks, bracelets, hair clips and buttons just to name a few.

Once you have everything you need all you have to do is follow the simple instruction of the back of the button box.

1) cut out fabric to so it is the same size as the pattern they give you on the back of the box
2) place fabric wrong side up (or right side down) on top of the WHITE plastic "thing"
3) place the top part of the button, the smooth, rounded one, on top of the fabric with the smooth rounded part facing down.
4) press the button and fabric down into the white "thing"
5) push all the fabric that is sticking out down
6) cover it with the second part of the button.*note if you are going to glue the button onto something like a hair clip, then take some pliers and remove the round metal loop that is used to sew the button on with
7) place the BLUE "thing" on top of the button and push down HARD until you feel it snap.

TADA! You just made a button. Isn't it so cute?

Now go attach it to something super cute!

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Meg said...

Stace my question is what does the back look like to attach. I have tried to attach bows before to the snap clips and haven't had any luck. I already have a button kit so I would love to try this. Kate's looked adorable in her hair on the other blog